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What is Shared Lives?

Shared Lives is a care and support service for people who want to live independently in their local area with the support of a family and community network. It’s an alternative to supported living or residential care. 

In Shared Lives, an adult or young person with support needs is matched with a Shared Lives carer by their local Shared Lives scheme. The supported person may move in and live with the Shared Lives carer in a long term arrangement, or may visit for a short break, or day support.

Together, the person needing support and the Shared Lives carer share the carer’s family and community life.

Shared Lives arrangements are overseen by the Shared Lives scheme which is run, or commissioned, through local adult social care services.

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Live as part of your household

The person you support lives with you

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Day support

Support people for a few hours at a time

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Short breaks and respite

Overnight stays, weekend visits, or maybe a week or two

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Enjoy a steady income

Receive a regular fee for each person you support

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Flexibility for you and your family

An enriching way of life

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Breaks and time off

Build your own schedule

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Generous tax breaks

Keep more of the money you earn

Who would I support?

Someone who visits or lives with a Shared Lives carer may be:

  • An older person living with dementia
  • A young person in transition from foster care 
  • Someone with a learning disability, or physical impairment
  • Someone living with mental health
  • Or someone leaving hospital who’s not quite ready to go home

The key thing to remember is you’ll get to choose who you support, and they’ll get to choose you – with advice and guidance from your local Shared Lives scheme.

Don’t worry if you’ve never supported people with this sort of support need before. There’s lots of training opportunities, for example for medication, safeguarding, first aid, and mental capacity.

Your empowering personality, caring nature, and willingness to help someone explore new opportunities are more important than your previous experience. 

A Shared Lives household can support up to three people at once (two people in Scotland).

How to become a Shared Lives carer

To become a Shared Lives carer you will need to be assessed and approved by a Shared Lives scheme.

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